Excerpt from my mind.

It was as if my only purpose was to think, with the help of all the knowledge I accumulated in my life; Now I was supposed to use that knowledge to understand the world and what all of it means. My mind wouldn't stop, I couldn't make it fast forward or reverse. I was just there. no time existed. no language existed. nothing existed.

I was alone with my feelings, the images I've created in my mind and nonsensical words I made up - all of this meant more to me then anything. I was going to live on forever in my non-human body - the question was whether I will live it peacefully or in pain. 

I couldn't rid myself of my thoughts. they were going to be my existence now. I had nothing else to do but think. I've got nothing but time. "Choose your thoughts wisely", I said to myself.  

- Excerpt from Agnes' mind

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