A wedding photographer for the adventurous souls, the travellers of the world & the ones driven by their curiosities; for those that go all in, that jump into the unknown despite fearing it; for you two, the madly in love who elevate one another to be your best self, ever-changing, ever-growing, ever-blooming.
Calling Toronto home but photographing Weddings & Elopements all over the world. Being in unfamiliar places inspires me allowing my work to shine through. I don't mind going that extra mile, literally & figuratively speaking ;)

Featured in the ‘Top 30 Most Inspiring Wedding Photographers in 2017’ – Wedding Bells Magazine

Love Stories

Toronto Elopement - Northern Wildflower (113).jpg

wildflower /ˈwīldˌflou(ə)r/: a flower growing freely without human intervention.



Being a city girl in love with nature,
I recently started creating my own pressed botanical art!

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These pieces are perfect for anyone that loves bringing nature inside the home. 
For Brides that are looking for a unique way to preserve your wedding day flowers, Contact me for more info & pricing details. 



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