// The most beautiful sight i’ve ever witnessed was the night sky at 5000m high within India’s Himalayan mountains // 
// my happy place includes being surrounded by conifers and wildflowers //
// Laughter is my favorite medicine //

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hello, my name is Agnes

First I am an observer,
Then a Photographer,


The first question I normally get asked is: why photography? I think the answer somewhat lies in the first statement above; I've always been in awe of everything and everyone around me. Like a spectator, I immerse myself in the environment, present to the interactions that take place. Before I became a photographer, I remember going to the airport with my friend Linda with a coffee in hand, & we would sit and watch the departure and arrival terminals, immersing ourselves in the emotions that take place when loved ones unite/leave one another. I find a great deal of meaning behind capturing moments between people. 


A little bit about me:

I’m Inspired by spontaneous adventures, raw emotion, fearless love, morning & evening sunlight, natural fabrics, earthy tones, a smile, and my beloved Nothern Ontario

When I’m not acting as a third wheel behind the lens, you can catch me:

  • Forest bathing up North - yes to all those negative ions! {full explanation upon request}

  • Practicing my latte art {hi, coffee addict here}

  • Engaging in Surya Namaskara under the canopy of a tree {yoga helps me make sense of the world}

  • Collecting: rocks, ideas, coffee mugs, wildflowers… {this completely contradicts my trying to live a minimalist life}

  • Exploring the world one country at a time {secret gardens & off-the-beaten path hikes are my favourite}

  • Constantly striving to become my ideal self by reading books, meditating, listening to podcasts {faves include: Lewis Howes, Manifestation Babe, Ram Dass here & Now, Duncan Trussel, Mind Your Business with James Wedmore}

  • Foraging {mmmmm mushrooms}

  • Playing volleyball in the summer & snowboarding in the winter.