Winter Wonderland - Fun in the snow

All you people who are complaining about all the snow, be grateful instead!! There are so many better things you can be doing than sitting at home drinking hot cocoa and watching some of your favorite shows whilst the falling snow drapes the outside in a wonderful glistening white sheet. Okay... so that does sound like a pretty sweet night, (especially when you are watching True Detective!) but you should really take advantage of all the snow and DO stuff... Here are some of the things I did this winter! What did you do to take advantage of the 2013/14 winter?

Snowboarding: Such an adrenaline filled activity! It is especially wicked if youre able to listen to your favorite music while gliding down the hill.

Hiking: I absolutely love hiking in ALL our wonderful seasons. A great time to escape and clear your mind. Don't be one of those people that claim to be outdoorsy but stay indoors all winter. Go out and explore! Its free. its beautiful. just do it. I love the Algonquin highlands and Muskoka but there are so many trails in your local area and all you have to do is know how to use a search engine to find them online. Find your peace.

Snowmobiling: This is the FIRST time i've ever snowmobiled (aka sledding) and it was amazing! |It has reached the top of my favorite winter activities list! There is such a huge community of sledders and a plethora of trails to sled through - I was actually shocked looking at the trail map because there were so many! The season pass to use the trails costs more then $300.00, which isn't that much if you think about all of the maintenance and safety inspections being done - especially on the lakes! If you haven't experienced this activity yet, I would highly recommend it!

Cross Country Skiing Algonquin Park

Cross country skiing: Cross country skiing would probably be the last thing I would do again BUT I do recommend that you all try it just so you can see how much work it actually is! It requires an abundance of stamina and effort. And although a pretty good skier myself, it definitely kicked my ass. I fell more times than I could count. Nevertheless, it was an experience that ill never forget.

Hot tubing in the winter: Who doesn't love hot tubs right? But its one thing to sit in a hot tub for countless hours in the hot summer air and another thing to hop in a hot tub in the cool winter breeze. The combination of the hot and the cold makes it feel so wonderful, especially when your view includes a beautiful landscape of trees and the sounds of the trees creaking in the wind.

Ice Wine Festival (Niagara) - So many good wineries in Ontario and the Ice Wine festival in Niagara is a great way to see and taste them for yourself! All the wineries have special events going on during this time where you can sample great wine, food and tour the winery! If you love wine as much as I do, I recommend joining the Trius wine of the month club. You pay monthly into it and get sent 2 bottles of wine to your home with recipes to go with them. De-licious!

There are a whole bunch of other things to do in the winter including skating, snowshoeing, dog sledding etc... so stop wining and keep these in mind when winter rolls around again! :):)