Are you conscious?

So many times throughout the day, we think about the things we want/need to do in the future and the things we have done in the past but are not focused as much in the present as we should be. How many times do you hop in your car and the next thing you know, you magically appear in your parking spot as if the vehicle drove itself there? Unaware of the sounds along the drive, unaware of all the cars, movement and appearance?

One thing that helps me become more mindful and aware is meditation (and yoga). If you don't have the time to go to a monastery or take half an hour to yourself in a quiet place, that is okay! I recently discovered what is now one of my favorite apps for Android: Conscious

The app gives you a challenge everyday for you to accept. I posted some examples of challenges that I have had in the past. The point is for you to bring awareness to these aspects in your life amidst the chaos. The best thing about the app is that the phone reminds you, through vibrations or sound, about your challenge!! (Half the work is done for you).

Try it out!