Varadero, Cuba 2014

Hello! I wanted to blog a little bit about my trip to Cuba with one of my best friends Sara Stankiewicz. I met Sara more then 5 years ago and it was love at first site haha - We both had a similar outlook on life and had a passion for photography. We were constantly shooting with our little point and shoot cameras everywhere we went, bonding through this creative outlet that we both share. 5 Years later and I can say that Sara is one of the best Wedding Photographers I know! If you or anyone you know is looking for a photographer for their wedding, send them the link to her website! ( 

A month ago I was having a really tough time in my life and from the heavens an angel came and asked me to go to Cuba with her - all expenses paid!! And that angel was Sara haha. I mean, who in their right mind would say no to that? So we embarked on our Cuba adventure shortly thereafter!

I should mention that Sara got hired to photograph a destination wedding in Cuba and she took me as her second shooter/assistant!

Check out Sara's website in a week to see the wedding we photographed together! Exciting stuff!

We arrived at the airport 3 hours early (Sara is a cautious one) only to find out it was delayed for a few hours. We ended up drinking wine, eating sushi and playing with double exposures in camera before boarding! How nerdy can we get? Super nerdy. 

Arriving at the resort at midnight that night, we decided to organize ourselves for the rest of the week and go to bed fairly early (2am). The next morning, we explored the resort! Here are some photos of the Iberostar Azul resort in Varadero Cuba that we stayed at. I mostly ate fruit and hot dogs at the resort because as expected, the food wasn't great. The beds also weren't really comfy. But other then those two small hiccups, the trip was great!  (haha yes I am aware that food and the bed you sleep are probably the two most important things when travelling but mehhhh, we survived).

Sara and I tried to make the best out of the trip by constantly doing different things each day (yes it IS possible, even at a resort). We loved pool lounging and getting "day drunk" as people call it (*Joe johnston was an expert at this past time haha*), but I can only do that for so long before itching to get off our keester to do something else; Resort hopping, exploring the area, excursions, yoga on the beach, travelling to the strip, exploring the night life in varadero (Calle 62 is awesome), etc...

The day before the wedding, Sara did an engagement shoot with Kaitlyn and Vince in Varadero on the strip. I was lugging the camera gear around like the good assistant as well as taking some "behind the scenes" photos of Sara. It was so awesome to see Sara in her element.  I managed to take some time to take some photos of the surrounding area for myself at some resting points! It's hard not to photograph in such a beautiful country - picture opportunities everywhere! The weather was absolutely perfect to say the least.

We ended the night off with a beautiful sunset which was just glorious. I mean - isn't this what life is supposed to be about? Enjoying the beauty of the world while surrounding yourself with amazing people *Sigh* if only we could do this everyday.

We met so many amazing people on this trip which I think is essential when you're travelling. We all strive for connection and it's human nature to do so. I found myself holding back and not letting my wall down a few times in certain circumstances. Perhaps that's what city life does to you; with all the hustle and bustle you forget to stop, be mindful and realize what is truly important. Let go, connect, live life. I have learnt so much from everyone that I met, more then they will know. Life is a funny thing yeno. 

Sara and I also went on a Jeep safari adventure with 9 other jeeps. For 75$ we went snorkeling, swam in a cave in Matanzas, ate an authentic cuban meal, went to a sugar cane field, tried a variety of farmed produce, cruised on a boat and drove 150km on a jeep through Matanzas and the surrounding area. Listening to our favorite music made the ride 1000x better. Unfortunately all our photo devices (cameras, go pro's, phones) ran out of battery. photographer fail.

Sara and |I also decided to take a mini photoshoot of ourselves on the beach - because I mean, who doesn't want some nice vacation photos right? Having a photographer as a best friend is awesome - I highly recommend it. 

Sara, thank you for being you and for taking me on this trip. It was a much needed break. Love you girl <3