Boulder, CO - A place to Shine!

Boulder Colorado

 “There are places in the world where thoughts becomes clearer and life becomes calmer, that’s where I long to be” – This is a quote I found on a canvas with a picture of a cute fawn that followed the words “Welcome to Boulder”. That is what Boulder felt like to me, a place where the meaning of life feels a bit more attainable, where the friendly faces help you connect to humanity and where the creativity flows like a freshwater stream.

Hippie Boulder Colorado caravan

As soon as Sara and I stepped onto Boulder ground (coincidentally Pearl Street, the downtown of Boulder CO), we fell in love. First and foremost, we heard the sound of The Hang (pronounced Hung), a flyer saucer like instrument that was being played on a barefoot dread-locked dudes lap. A few feet further along the street, another performance was underway with various other unique instruments. And it didn’t stop, this place was a musical paradise! In addition, there were henna tattoo artists, piano players, busker performers, barefoot walkers, baton throwers, hoola-hoopers, people wearing tie-dye shirts & Greenpeace reps petitioning a variety of world issues. Visiting all the shops was another full day adventure for us – so many talented local jewelry artists, boho clothing shops, and adorable specialty stores. I highly recommend going inside Bayleaf, the cutest shop I have seen in a while that has everything from local specialty foods like chocolate and jams to candles and religious art. The nightlife was an exhilarating surprise. Curiously, we walked into the first bar that looked busy (the Bohemian Biergarten), paid 2$ cover, grabbed a local beer and followed the sound of music to another room. We were pleasantly shocked by the positive vibes in this room, playing a reggae blend of music that I've never heard of before with everyone jamming as collective whole. With so many interesting characters in this room, this was the perfect place to people watch. I stood there drinking my beer, waiting to feel accepted into this atmosphere. It didn't take long; before I knew it, I was in my own world, grooving, jamming, smiling and having an awesome time with those that cared to share my space. The bar next door (Shine, Restaurant & Gathering Place) had a connecting door which allowed people to walk freely back and forth. I couldn't believe that the two bars ONLY charged a 2$ cover! The DJ’s next door were of another eclectic style that combined jungle, electronic and ajkdhasd <once again, I've never heard of this type of music so I made up my own genre>. It was spectacular. We hung out and danced with some Swiss boys that were travelling the US in a camper-van. Where do people in camper-vans and RVs park their vehicles overnight you ask? Walmart! Sara and I learnt this the hard way when we couldn't find a single motel room that had availability and had to sleep in the Walmart parking lot for a night (does sleeping with one eye open count as sleeping?). What I found out was that Walmart makes itself known for being a safe haven for travelers to rest safely at. I even kept seeing a security car circulating the premises!

Boulder love - hippie tie dye

Boulder is also known for its wonderful cafes and restaurants emphasizing the importance of supporting local farms & wineries. The Dushanbe Teahouse is an architecturally impressive place for some afternoon tea and I HIGHLY recommend it. The Kitchen was one of the restaurants I heard was phenomenal and it certainly did not disappoint. Almost an orgasmic experience for us two girls; the food was delicious, the service was genuine and pleasant and the décor embraced a rustic & elegant charm.

Boulder, CO - a place where you can be yourself, a place that begs you to enjoy life a bit more, a place where you can trust the faces that smile back at you. You have filled my own hippie heart with love and I hope to return to you one day! <3

List of what to see/do:

  1. Explore Pearl street – its shops (Bayleaf & Into the Wind were my favorites) and its street performers
  2. Have tea at the Infamous Dushanbe Teahouse
  3. Eat at “The Kitchen” 
  4. Visit one of their many amazing cafes (The Laughing Goat was one I enjoyed a lot)
  5. Take a walk around the University of Colorado located in Boulder
  6. On the weekend, dance at the bar Shine & Bohemian Biergarten and try one of their potions on their drink menu.
  7. During a weeknight, head over to the pub Mountain Sun for some epic live rock music
  8. Head over to the Boulder Reservoir on a lazy day, soak up the sun and try some water sports - paddleboarding is a very sight.
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