Starry-night Engagement Session // D&J

Something to know before checking out this session is that Daniella & Jesse got engaged this past November in Iceland. They rented a camper van & drove to a national park to see the Northern Lights. Daniella didn't know that Jesse was patiently waiting for the clouds to part so that he could jump on one knee & ask the love of his life to marry him. With the clouds constantly rolling in & parting, the perfect opportunity didn't arise; So when Daniella came back from the rest room in her onsie to get ready for bed, Jesse popped out of the van on one knee to an Otis Redding song playing in the background. <3

Hearing this story, I suggested an engagement session inspired by that night. They loved the idea & so I asked to borrow my friends beautiful telescope for the session. We started at the Dunlop Observatory, (Canada's largest Observatory) & then once it got dark, we headed off to find the perfect spot to find the moon. Ironically, the clouds kept coming in and out that evening. + telescopes are hard to figure out. Anyone feel like star-gazing this summer with me & teaching me how to use one? 

I loved every moment of this session. Check out some highlights below <3

Since the day ended up being pretty cloudy, I took a photo I took of the night sky on a different day & made a composite photo! This is what the sky could've looked like that evening if the clouds decided to part :) <3

Toronto Cosmic Photoshoot.jpg