Lifestyle Snuggle Session // Prince Edward County

I have the privilege of documenting so many expressions of love from so many different couples over the past few years. This post is for the couples that are homebodies; the ones that love to unwind together in their own way: whether its cozying up by a crackling fire, cooking a favorite meal together, playing scrabble, dancing together like no one is watching, running a bubble bath, snuggling on your backyard hammock, ordering your favorite takeout & binge watching Westworld etc etc... there are so many different ways couples spend their time together & its one of my favorite things to capture; because in the end, I think its best photographing your relationship in a meaningful way so you'll look back at the photos & remember all the little things that are important to you. 

I love lifestyle snuggle sessions ~ from my own experience as a photographer, it tends to be a more relaxed & comfortable experience which makes for a great session & even better photos!

There are two ways that couples can go about booking a lifestyle session. We can do the session at your place or a family cottage (I'm totally cottage biased by the way), OR a third option would be to rent an airbnb. There are so many cute airbnb's throughout the GTA & its more stress-free to rent an airbnb than to try & make your house spotless clean for the session! Below is an example of a snuggle session I did in Prince Edward County with Jennifer & Michael. Back in March, I rented the cutest airbnb called Sanctuary in the County ; a restored church from the 1800's in Prince Edward County. 

What to expect during a lifestyle snuggle session:
I do my best to direct a session as naturally as possible using cues & questions. Inspiration will come to me randomly & within seconds, so everything is pretty spontaneous & in-the-moment! All you need to do is to keep an open mind & try to pretend like there is no big scary camera in your face :D
music & some dancing: naturally, music elicits different emotions depending on the mood of the song. I typically like to ask my couples in a questionnaire what kind of music they like to relax to & dance to. I will typically default to some indie folk songs that are more mellow to get those sweet intimate moments & then bust out some old school tunes to dance to. 
ambiance: I love setting the mood with ambiant lighting. It automatically eases people into a certain state when a fireplace or candles are lit. 
snacks/beverages: I encourage couples to bring something they like to wind down with at the end of a day with their loved one. Sometimes that's a glass of wine, or some craft beer or herbal tea! 
something that represents your relationship: if there is something specific you would like to bring to the session that represents your relationship, I encourage you to do so! 

Typically twice a year I book an airbnb and will do mini lifestyle snuggle sessions. Let me know if you want me to put you on the list whenever the next one comes up :)

Below are a list of my top airbnb choices I've never photographed in & would lOVE to do so one day:

Muskoka: Romantic Luxury Glamping
Oakwood: Converted Church
Toronto: Artsy Loft on King West
Shelburne: Rustic Chic Farmhouse
Durham region:  Treehouse Retreat & Cabin Hideaway
Orangeville area: Cabin in the woods
Port Perry: Cedar Treehouse