Kyle & Amy // Tobermory, Bruce Peninsula

Kyle & Amy have a mission this summer;

Their love for the outdoors & travelling is taken them to visit as many Canada National Parks as possible in celebration of Canada's 150th birthday! If you dont already know, in celebration of it's monumental birthday, Canada is giving away Free Discovery Passes that will allow you free entry to all Canadian National Parks!

Kyle & Amy won an adventure photo session that Sara Monika and I collaborated on. We decided to help them on their mission by going to Tobermory, Bruce Peninsula. The day was super magical and very peaceful; since it was a weekday evening and still during the winter months, we were pretty much the only people in the park. Sara and I brought some Bourbon to keep us all warm as the sun was setting + a speaker filled with indie-folk tunes (which Kyle at one point thought was coming from the speakers in the woods lol). Add a couple of smoke grenades, some rugged cliffs & thousand year old cedar trees, and we got ourselves a pretty epic day.

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