Portland, Oregon // Gina & Michael

Gina, an introvert with a secret silly side to her & Michael, a musically inclined extrovert, are Portland Natives! > This is super rare in Portland these days as there are many people that migrate to Portland for various reasons. When I asked Gina what her and Michael loved doing together, she said pretty much anything when we are together!  That is probably my favorite thing to hear from a couple because no matter what, I know we'll all have a great time during the shoot.  They could be sitting on a couch playing thumb wars or going on a hiking adventure, and both would be equally enjoyable. After spending time with them, you could really witness how compatible they are and how much they loved being with one another. They are seriously the cutest!

We ended up strolling leisurely through North West Portland, stopping to grab some coffee at Barista, admiring the charming boutique shops, and trying on hats at Goorin Bros (wicked cool hat store).