Fort Lauderdale, Florida

A couple of friends and I embarked in a little Florida adventure a couple of weeks ago! We mainly stayed in the Fort Lauderdale region in order to save some money since that's where Jessica's parents bought a place. Thought I'd share a couple of things with y'all.

In any city with the sight of palm trees everywhere, warm sand felt between your toes and the sound of the ocean waves crashing on the shoreline - you cant help but take a couple of days to simply sun bathe on the beach, reading your favorite books, listening to your favorite songs and pondering life's mysteries. These moments are precious and I truly embrace every inch of it.


But besides the obvious beauty one encounters in these regions - here are a couple of other things you should look out for:

- I am sure any seafood you get by the beach would be great, but I had the fish tacos at the Drunken Taco and they were amazing!

- Watch out for local Floridians fishing at the shoreline on the beach. They follow schools of fish that are distinguished by a pool of darker water. I saw a couple of  young guys catch a HUGE Snook about 5ft wide. They said they catch sharks, Mullet, Sea Bass, Mackerel and a bunch of others on a regular basis.

- Everyone should take an air-boat tour of the Everglades. A beautiful place surrounded by overarching Mangrove Trees, Catfish, Alligators, Banana Spiders (okay so this part didn't excite me either), cranes and wild raccoon's (way cuter then the ones infested in our rural neighborhoods). 

- If you want to go out on a night on the town, go to "america's Backyard" - It's an outdoor/indoor bar with top 40 music & hoola hoops. Met some great people from New Zealand and hung out with some awesome locals. 

- Splurge on a nice bottle of wine that you wouldn't want to buy in Canada! The wonderful wine from Napa Valley, California is so cheap at the supermarkets!