Elopement in Prince Edward County // The Drake Devonshire + SandBanks Provincial Park


After giving birth to their beautiful baby boy River, Melody & Ryan thought it was time to seal their love officially with a beautiful elopement in Prince Edward County. 

Melody & Ryan got ready at the Drake Devonshire  in the beautiful A frame Owners Suite room. After filling our stomachs with delicious food in the restaurant, we cut into their delicious cake made by For Love and Layers, and then heading off to grab a drink at The Courage Bar where we were greeted by the wonderful co-owner with pink sparkling wine on the house. 

We headed to SandBanks Provincial Park for the most beautiful evening with the most intimate ceremony; filled with romanic vows, dances to Marvin Gaye, & making wishes with Chinese Lanterns. 

There was one thing we all needed to let go that day, and it was the 'ideal weather'. It was windy & rainy & oh so perfect. It was a great way to start a marriage; making the best out of a situation that may not have seemed desirable. There is always a choice to respond positivity & see the light. We allowed the world to be its beautiful self & became fluid with its elements that day. Wind in Melody's hair, rain tickling her skin & how perfect it was. 

The day was full of adventure & I truly feel grateful to capture all the sides of Ryan & Melody's love.