Temagami Lake Engagement Session

Although Jessie & Steve met in Law school, they realized that the world was trying to make their paths cross in a number of ways. One thing that really stood out was the fact that both of their families had cottages on the same lake in Temagami (approx. 4.5hrs North of Toronto)! I suggested we do their engagement session up there since they both have very fond memories up North; I know some couples feel nervous asking me to drive long distances for an engagement session, but I cant stress enough how much more inspiring it is to photograph couples in their happy place + I love a good northern adventure & exploring beautiful Ontario. We decided to do the engagement session at Steve’s families Island cottage situated in the large & narrow Lake Temagami. Just to give you a scope of the size of the lake, there are approx. 1,259 islands on the lake & approx. 700 cottages on these islands. Their cottage was purchased in 1946 & currently holds 1 main cottage, 2 cabins, some beautiful white pines, mushrooms, berries, & other little friends that make a home every now & then.

I loved getting to know Jessie & Steve on a more personal level, as well as learning more about the cottage. I remember my speaker started playing “harvest moon” by Neil Young during their engagement session that evening & they immediately looked at me and said “did you know this is our first dance song?!” - Being a wedding photographer for 3 years now, I never encountered a couple using this song as their first dance & it blows my mind because it’s such a beautiful song that Neil Young wrote about his partner // fact: it’s also my favorite song of all time & if there is one concert I would love to have gone to, it would have been Neil’s.

With Jessie & Stephen in the canoe & myself out in the kayak, we enjoyed the last of the sun’s rays & the dynamic colors out on the water before heading inside where Steve cooked up the most amazing mushroom risotto (also unknowingly to them, one of my favorite dishes!). I appreciated every moment while staying overnight in one of their cabins & waking up the crisp autumn air before taking the boat back to the marina & heading home.

Here are the memories we created that day: