Northern Ontario Cottage Wedding - M&Z

When Meaghan asked me if I would photograph her wedding in Wawa, Ontario, there was zero doubt in my mind that I would do it. Yes it was 9 hours away, yes that is a very long drive, but my gut instinct was to say YES, & so I did <3 I am all about continuing to follow my intuition in 2018. 

Meaghan & Zachary both live in Nova Scotia, a place very dear to my heart since I too lived there for just under 2 years. They decided to get married in Wawa Ontario at a family cottage on October 21st 2017; from past weather reports, there should have been snow on the ground, but this year was unusually warm & so we were welcomed with a beautiful sunny & warm day. 

Meaghan & Zach's day was filled with their closest family & friends that all pitched in to make the day a possibility; from the decor, to the flowers, to the setup, it was all a combined effort coming from a place of love. // That's what it all about isn't it? coming together to witness, support & celebrate the miracle of love. -- I believe when two people have a love that's pure & true, free of conditions & expectations, then only magic can occur - when two minds & two hearts can come together as one, you're an unstoppable force because love makes room for growth, so that we can become our best & ideal selves - & isn't that what we're all striving for?

There is so much power in love. 

Guys Getting Location Location: Rock Island Lodge, Wawa Ontario
Meaghan's Gown: Chester & Felicity

Thank you Meaghan & Zachary for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day & inviting me to stay afterwards to share in the great vibes.