Boxcar Social - Cafe Love // Brooke & Zach

Albeit being biased since I am one kick ass barista, a wedding inside a cafe is a super cool (the venue award of 2016 goes to...)! This place not ONLY has amazing coffee (their cold brew is great), but they also have an extensive yet particular whiskey collection. For those who know me, know that I love my bourbon & I love my coffee. Everything in moderation right?

A bride who wants to have her wedding in a cafe, is my kind of bride. My instinct was correct - we clicked immediately! Brooke is super down to earth and super sweet. As an artist & free-spirit herself, she allowed me full control of artistic expression on her big day (THANK YOU); Trust is something that is extremely important to me when it comes to creative output, and sometimes people have a hard time letting go of that control completely.

After Zach & Brooke's first look outside their hotel in Yorkville, we decided to roam around the area for some photos of the two of them. Although quite busy in Yorkville, we ended up finding some quiet moments in-between - SUCH a fun little session. After taking photos of her large wedding party in the area, we headed back to the hotel to have their Jewish Ceremony & the signing of the Ketubah. The 2nd Ceremony + Reception took place at the cafe Boxcar Social. Although there was no sit-down formal dinner, there was incredible food being passed around by the catering company JP Catering - they had some of the best hors d'oeuvres (& desserts) I've ever tasted.

Their friends and family were so fun and energetic the entire night - dancing to spice girls while sipping on wine - this album was definitely a fun one to edit.  - ENJOY the photos & share some love for Zackary & Brookary!