Your memories are meant to be printed and looked at for many years as a reminder of the incredible day you both shared together!

MY PHILOSOPHY: Keep your memories alive past the computer screen + EVERYTHING LOOKS BETTER IN PRINT.

Whether it was an engagement session, family session, or your Wedding day, I believe in capturing memories that remind you about how you felt that day & how you still feel about your favorite person(s). When photos live online, they get lost among the new instagram food photos we take. Printing your photos on an album or your walls will allow you to be transported back to those sights, sounds & feelings on that particular day.

I am VERY passionate about printing your images & getting them printed at a Print Lab that knows exactly how to make them look as beautiful as possible.

The Reasons to Print Through Me:
— I’ve hand-picked my print shop and believe in the service they provide.
— Photos are printed on high quality paper that doesn’t fade over time.
— My print shop is constantly calibrating their printers.
— Any dissatisfaction on your end with the quality of the prints will be taken care of on my end.
Many clients that go to Walmart, Rapid Photo & Costco have been disappointed at the quality of their prints. If you print at another print shop, you are doing so at your own risk & I wont be held responsible for the quality of the prints you spend your money on. Also, please note that your photos were optimized with a program called “jpeg mini” and will look like it is a small file, but it includes all the information to blow your image up to a life-size photo of you. If your print shop says that your files are too small, and if they haven’t heard about jpeg mini, I would recommend staying away from that print shop.


I believe in printing your photos SO much that I’ve put together some inspiration for decorating your own space with your images!
Note: your images were put through a program called “jpeg mini”. If your print shop

Northern Wildflower Prints & Albums (3 of 91).jpg

Glass Box

I got this glass box from Winners for 20$. It’s such a beautiful way to display your images & the great thing about this box is that you can keep adding to the memories! The photos in this box are 4”x6” matte prints from the shop. I added some of my favorite dried pressed flowers in there too!

Northern Wildflower Prints & Albums (39 of 91).jpg
Northern Wildflower Prints & Albums (44 of 91).jpg
Northern Wildflower Prints & Albums (38 of 91).jpg

Gallery Wall

There are so many ways of doing a gallery wall. Here I created a simple gallery wall of 5”x5” matte prints put into Ikea frames. The frames were less than 10$ each - a very cost effective way to get some images up on your wall!

Matte Print: 16”x24”

Matte Print: 16”x24”

Matte Print: 12” x 18”

Matte Print: 12” x 18”

Matte Print: 11”x14”

Matte Print: 11”x14”

Wooden Framed Photos

Depending on the space, I love a more rustic look to hanging my photos up. I got this wooden frame at Urban Outfitters & immediately fell in love with it. The great thing about it is that you can put a variety of different sized photos on it and it would still look good. This is the same frame with various sized prints (12x18, 11x14, & 16x24). Get large prints from the professional print lab I’ve hand-picked - The colors are more vibrant and it’s printed on archival paper which will allow your images to stand the test of time! You can order them in almost any size you want from the online gallery I sent you!

Northern Wildflower Prints & Albums (37 of 91).jpg

Matted Frames

These are frames I got from Michaels in Toronto; they have a wide selection of frames to choose from & a variety of sizes. The matte prints in white frames will match any space! The prints in these photos are sized 8”x12”.

All of these photos that I will be showing you are photos I’ve taken and ones that have been printed straight from the online gallery that was sent to you. It’s printed on archival paper and the printers are constantly being calibrated (unlike most of the fast service print shops like walmart, costco, Rapid photo etc).