Kortright Centre, Toronto // Luke & Danielle

My Brother is getting married in 3 months!

Although my best friend will be photographing the wedding, I decided I would gift Luke and Danielle a photo engagement session!

Spending countless of hours in their presence, I know these two lovebirds very well. Lukas is a secret chef that blows Danielle's mind on a daily basis with his dinner inventions; and Danielle paints on her spare time while spoiling her pooch Aflie, a Cocker Spaniel that absolutely adores her. Both Luke & Danielle have a 'laissez-faire' kind of attitude wherein they allow each other to be as they wish. They are both Sagittarius, which means they love their independence; but being the home-bodies that they are, they love coming back to their newly built home in Toronto and revel in each-others presence.

Both Luke and Danielle love being outdoors and exploring the green space that the GTA has to offer. We decided to head over to The Kortright Centre for Conservation, an environmental education centre with some pretty awesome trails. It was a glorious fall day with the sun perfectly setting over the venerable pine trees.

Check out a few photos from the session here <3