Wedding at Spadina House + Boehmer Restaurant // T&T

Wedding at Spadina House + Boehmer Restaurant // T&T

Pure Romance is how I would describe Tanya & Terrence’s relationship. It’s been said that they pretty much mirror Carrie & Big’s love from Sex and the City. Terrence even proposed to Tanya with the same Manolo Blahnik’s that Carrie received; he then took her to a surprise engagement party he threw with all her friends! adorable, right? <3

Huntsville Cottage Wedding // J & O

Huntsville Cottage Wedding // J &amp; O

Jenny & Oliver, two adventurous lovers who live just outside of Huntsville decided to get married at Jenny’s parents property on Bella Lake. They got ready on an island in Algonquin Park where Jenny’s family cottage is…

The Broadview Hotel Wedding // H&M

The Broadview Hotel Wedding // H&amp;M

The whole day from start to finish was infused with the best energy from all of their friends and family. It’s such a nice gesture when everyone makes sure that we photographers feel as if we’re an integral part of the wedding day; this is exactly how Hilary & Max’s friends made me feel that day which allowed me to capture more of the emotions & candid moments happening between everyone….

The Great Hall // Toronto Wedding - L & T

The Great Hall // Toronto Wedding - L &amp; T

I can remember the day so vividly; from the guys playing trivial pursuit at Henderson Brewery followed by some Neil Young playing on the turntable at T&L’s condo while showered guys dressed in bath towels frantically try to get ready; Their emotional first look followed by an intimate ceremony…

Dominican Republic Wedding // P&F

Dominican Republic Wedding // P&amp;F

Paulina & Fil wanted me to document various part of the trip for them; a catamaran cruise, a Day After Session in a little town in Dominican, a white party where everyone dressed in white at the end of the trip looking all tzannned, & other random little bits here & there…

La Maquette Wedding + NOLA Brass Band dance through Toronto

La Maquette Wedding + NOLA Brass Band dance through Toronto

When I first met Alexandra and Ian over coffee, I noticed that they were two extroverted individuals that love deeply, stand up for justice and equality (they are active members and supporters in the LGBTQ community), and enjoy being playful and having fun. With Alexandra and Ian, I wanted to capture their energetic & outgoing personalities, but also their deep emotional side…