Mara & her marigolds - Delhi, India

It's been almost a year since starting my trip to Asia and I have ever so slowly been editing my travel photos. I did a few photo shoots while traveling with my Canon 6D and thought I would share the first photo-shoot I did in India!

Mara Nesrallah is a creative artist in Toronto, ON that started Mara & the Marigolds, an alternative folk band along with Wesley Allen, Ian Culley, and Ian Wright.  I met Mara while visiting Soren in Delhi as they both shared the same living quarters; both of them were teaching Jazz music to the interested at Global Music Institute. 

Marigolds are littered at every corner in Delhi, for decorative purposes in marriages and festivals and for sacred offerings at temples. Mara + Marigolds... perfect photo-shoot idea you can imagine. We headed to Delhi's most beautiful park, Lodhi Garden, along with the our newly acquired garlands of Marigolds.

This was the wonderful end result


Don't forget to check out this talent <3 <3 <3