Destination Wedding - NOW Larimar, Punta Cana

I traveled to Dominican Republic to photograph an intimate wedding at NOW Larimar Resort on Dec. 5th 2015. It was truly a day to be remembered. The out-pour of love that I witnessed on Klaudia and Robert's wedding day and those days preceding was truly inspiring. Getting to know them better made me capture the essence of who they are as a couple and who they are as a family unit.

The wedding day started with the groom & his groomsmen going to his dad's room to tie their ties (none of them knew how to which was hilarious). After a few laughs and a beer, I headed to the bride's pampering room in the spa where they were being served fruit and champagne. After pouring myself a glass, I truly felt like a part of the wedding, providing suggestions on makeup and hair tips which they all seemed to appreciate. It didn't feel like work to me. I was so happy capturing these authentic moments for them.

The ceremony started at 1:00PM outdoors on a beautiful sunny day (ok so this is kind of a nightmare for photographers because of the harsh shadows the sun creates at this time, but the bride and groom were under a beautiful canopy that blocked them from the sun - yay!). 

After the ceremony, we headed to the beach to take some photos of the wedding party only to realize there was a huge storm heading towards us - we didn't make cover in time and got pretty soaked out there! - luckily, I kept my camera clicking in these moments for good viewing times later!

The reception was a blast. One thing about a Polish wedding is that people LOVE to dance. Klaudia and Robert brought a local DJ in from Chicago to play at their wedding because they love how music can bring people together; celebrating and dancing the night away with close friends and family under the bistro lights.

The following day, Klaudia, Robert and I headed off to a beautiful secluded beach in their wedding attire. They didn't mind getting playful in their outfits as we walked among the palm trees, played in the water, found a white horse to ride on, and ended the day relaxing on the soft sand by rustic blue boats.

I had such an amazing time with you two. I hope these memories will last forever! <3