Muskoka Family Photo Session

Since coming back from my trip and launching my website, I have done a number of family autumn photo-shoots, so I decided I would share one of them with you!

I got a chance to go up to a cottage in Muskoka to take some family photos of Brock + Laura + their 2 lovely boys, Brock's Parents (Laurel & Bruce), Brock's sister Lisa + her husband + their two lovely kids = Lots of energy. Because they've owned this cottage for many decades, they all wanted me to come up and capture some memories for them. It was even more important because they might be selling the cottage due to an unforeseen circumstance. Tons of memories were made at this cottage off of 6 Mile Lake, including Brock and Laura's wedding! So, it's unfortunate that they may have to give up this place that holds so much meaning to them all. But, that made it even more special for me to create those lasting memories for them.

Because Laurel and Bruce have never had a couples photoshoot, Brock and Laura decided to have me photograph them at their cottage as a present for them. They were SO adorable; doing tai chi, meditating, climbing trees ect... its always overwhelming for me to witness such love after all these years of being together.

The boys decided to cut down a tree that was pretty close to falling over, while Laura and the kids took front row seats in a canoe watching the action take place. It was... a great success!

Thanks again for allowing me to come up and stay over at your cottage!